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In My Life:
of Humanity & History

A journey of personal awareness through historical connection

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My Oddly British Male Mental Narrator

More often than not we are directly responsible for sabotaging our dreams, our goals, our potential and our happiness. Whether or not in...


The etymology of invoke is one of great pertinence to my story - to all of our stories. Stemming from the 12th century latin invocare the...

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About My Blog

My spirit has been a bit jumbled for some time - years of grief and personal trauma clouding a more powerful version of myself. As I get closer to the half century mark, I am ready to acknowledge an awakening occurring deep within my soul. I am ready to accept success. I am ready to take a stand for humanity or at the very least paint a reflection of society and humanity, both personally and socially, that encourages each of you to make the stands you need in your own lives - or towards those things significant to you.

I will not go gentle into that good night.

I encourage each of you to rage, rage against the dying of the light.

The journey of personal awareness may be enhanced when combined with historical connections. Throughout the greater history of this world we do not stand alone in our emotions, experiences, and desires. This blog will invoke the power of history and humanity to heal and encourage one's own inner journey.

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Invoking Your History

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