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The etymology of invoke is one of great pertinence to my story - to all of our stories. Stemming from the 12th century latin invocare the word translates to “to call upon or to implore”. When taken in the root form we see the meaning as follows: in equally “upon” and vocare meaning “to call”. Interestingly, vocare is etymologically related to the word, vox, translating to “voice”. Invoke is the verb, It is the action of calling upon a voice - perhaps your own voice. The noun, invocation, comes from the Latin invocationem. It is the prayer, the call for comfort, the petition for aid. In an effort to grow and remove stagnancy from our lives and the world around us we must being willing to invoke the moments in our lives that have held impact, both positively and negatively. I choose to invoke my history, to awaken my story. I encourage my readers to do the same. We are all a part of the greater history of this world. This blog in my invocation - my call to the world around me and to the history before me.

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